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Ashley Laboratories, Ltd. is a full service independent analytical laboratory, testing facility, and consulting firm created specifically to service the metal finishing industry.  Since 1971, we at Ashley Labs have prided ourselves in providing quick turn around combined with thorough and personal service for all your testing needs.  Quality and precision are our business.  You can comfortably rely upon the research and advice of our staff of qualified consultants.  Our clients work very hard to provide their customers with the highest quality coatings and finishes, the best products available.  Ashley Labs guarantees our clients precision, accuracy and a complete reliability in all our results. We dot the analytical Is and cross the testing Ts so you can just relax after a job well done.  Although we have performed a wide variety of tests over the years ranging from the most routine to elaborate special services, our typical testing services include:

Ashley Laboratories, Ltd. was founded in 1971 by Richard A . Taylor, formerly an  R & D and technical services chemist for a major supplier to the metal finishing industry.  A family business, Ashley Labs strives to serve our customers in a timely fashion with accuracy and a warm manner.   We value our position as an independent analytical laboratory and testing facility, and our uncompromising dedication to quality.  Your time and questions are important to us; our turn around is swift and our staff are always available to discuss your problems.  We have remained small so we can treat your work personally.  Our technical staff have years of metal finishing experience; all of our full-time analysts are C.E.F.s (Certified Electroplater-Finisher).  You can trust us.  Do you have any questions?  We'd be happy to talk to you.  Please feel free to contact us at

Ashley Labs, 10030 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21234, 410-66-1270